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Ovral G is used for the treatment of endometriosis and the postponement of menses; dysfunctional uterine bleeding, including the acute episodes emergency treatment, dysmenorrhea, and menstrual irregularities.

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It’s a drug, the components of which affect some kinds of hormones. These hormones are responsible for the menstrual cycle regulation. Therefore it regulates any re-established hormonal imbalance and abnormal menstrual conditions. It’s also used as hormonal birth control.


Ovral G should be taken orally and every day. A particular dosage is usually recommended and it depends on the patient’s condition, but as a rule it ranges from one up to four tablets daily for about six-twelve months. Generally, one tablet is enough but in the case of bleeding the dosage may be increased up to two-three tablets. It may be taken with or without food. However, the patient should always remember that even if she takes a minimal dose it’s necessary to obey the doctor’s instructions.


Sometimes Ovral G is prescribed as a medicine used for the treatment of any menstrual irregularities, dysmenorrheal in particular. A woman should take one pill daily beginning from the fifth day of her cycle. The treatment period is approximately 20-21 days. After that it is necessary to stop for seven and up to eight days. Usually the withdrawal bleeding occurs three days after you stop taking Ovral G. For your second cycle or any other subsequent cycles a patient has to take one pill beginning from the eighth or ninth day of her cycle.


It is strongly recommended to take the medicine at about the same time every day, preferably after the evening meal or just before bedtime.


If you think that you’ve taken too much of this drug, you should immediately contact the emergency medical services. The most common symptoms of overdosing are nausea, unusual or sudden vaginal bleeding, vomiting.


If you occasionally miss the Ovral G dose it is importantly to use it as soon as possibly. In a case when it is too close to the next scheduled dose, you should skip the missed one and after that continue the regular scheme. It would be better to contact the doctor and follow his/her instructions.

While taking Ovral G you shouldn’t miss medical appointments, all complete medical exams and regular laboratory tests.


Ovral G belongs to the so called pregnancy category, so it is impossible to take it during pregnancy because it is really harmful to an unborn baby. A woman should stop taking this medicine if she’s pregnant or thinks that she may be pregnant. Before using Ovral G consult your doctor if within the previous three months you have had abortion or suffered a miscarriage. This birth control drug contains oestrogen so under the conditions mentioned above you can’t take it. The doctor will advise another reliable form of birth control.


Note that if you are breast feeding you should not take Ovral G as well, because it passes into breast milk.


Finally it’s necessary to mention that Ovral G’s the best and the most favored drug among women all over the world.

Nevertheless it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor in order to get the required dosage.


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37 Responses to “Ovral G”

  1. geetanjali bhardwaj Says:

    with ovral G pregnancy is possible, or it is contraceptive pills?

  2. womencouncilsa Says:

    Dear Geetanjali Bhardwaj, thank you for your letter!

    We are happy to answer your question.

    The pregnancy with the medicine Ovral G is possible in the ratio 98%/2%. 98% – the pregnancy is impossible 2% is possible. Of course, these indexes are true if you take Ovral G dead on time and in the right dosage.

    Note! The possibility o pregnancy 2% is the same for all means of contraception, including condoms.

    We wish you health and good mood.

  3. amarpreet Says:

    is ovral g good for pcos patients

  4. Mary Says:

    Dear Amarpreet, our on-line specialists are ready to answer your question!
    There are no any contradictions to take the med Ovral G, if you have been diagnosed polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS.
    However, you should consult your gynecologist concerning the med’s idiosyncrasy.
    We wish you health and good mood.

  5. priyanka Says:

    I am 20 years of age started my menstruation at the age of 10 and since then my periods are irregular,,come in 2-3months….I take hempushpa,,for the first 2 months it came regularly but now again still taking it,,I have missed my periods for 2 months…what should I do???????

    Dear Priyanka, we recommend you to receive a general medical testing (to be tested for hormones, level of the ovaries’ functioning) in order to determine the cause of your irregular periods. Only after we know your complete clinical picture, we will be able to advise you a particular med to stimulate menstruation.

  6. Meena Says:

    i am take the “overal-g” tablet , it’s possible of the pregancy tablet?

    Dear Meena, if you take the med Ovral G as the instruction is recommended, the pregnancy is impossible. The chances of pregnancy are 1% of 100%, as with all the birth control pills.

    We wish you wellness

  7. Meena Says:

    Pls mam, health tips of pregancy?…..My husband & husband relation is abasement…..Pls mam…..help…..

  8. womencouncilsa Says:

    Dear Meena, as far as I understand you want to get pregnant in order to get on track with your ​​husband. However, pregnancy does not guarantee maintenance of the family harmony. It may be better to think about, what things your husband is missing in your relationship and try to give him the things he wants.

    But if your decision to be a mother is deliberate and balanced, the med Clomid is the best drug for women who want to get pregnant. This med stimulates ovulation and enhance a chance to be a mother. But do not forget about healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

    Good luck with your family preservation, and your desire to be a mother!

  9. MadhinaNiyamath Says:

    Dear madam,

    I underwent laproscopic surgery 2 yrs before due to tubal pregnancy. Now my 2 yrs got over and im trying to conceive. but i now i have been tested with Hemmoragic ovarian cyst. and since 36 days my periods has not stopped. I having a regular check up and taking mmedicines as per my gynec advise. But she has prescribed me to consume OVRAL G for 21 days. Pls explain why they prescribe this for me. and is it a contraceptive pills? on taking this tablet will balance my harmone level. Will i become pregnant in two to three months? pls advise.

  10. aminath Says:

    Havent had periods for like a year….doctor suggested ovral g. Since dat taking it. Is it fr lifetime?

  11. womencouncilsa Says:

    OVRAL G is the med that will balance your hormonal level and will help to regulate your menstrual cycle. And yes, these are contraceptive pills. You have to undergo 21 days cure and then try your best to conceive. If you want, we can advise you some meds that will help you to become pregnant, but you have to start take these meds only after you undergo 21 days OVRAL G cure.

    We wish you to become a happy mother as soon as possible!

  12. womencouncilsa Says:

    Dear Aminath, your doctor is absolutely right! Ovral G is really a perfect medicine to stimulate periods. As soon as your periods become regular, you can stop take the med.

    Yours respectfully

  13. snehi Says:

    Hi Dr,I have used ovral G once to avoid pregenancy as prescribed bt the doctor. Can i take it once again later in the future. Please let me know if it would be safe

  14. womencouncilsa Says:

    Dear Snehi, Ovral G is absolutely safe product. It is approved for use by U.S. FDA. We recommend this med as proof contraceptive.

    We wish you unimpaired health and good mood!

  15. Robert Says:

    Where would we be without Ovral G
    Good info, great site.

  16. niki Says:

    I am trying to be pregnent through ivf but ET couldnot be done due to thin endometrial lining the doc prescribed me ovral g to be taken from the day period starts. How does ovral g helps in building endometrial lining?

  17. honey Says:

    Ovral g:
    Does my wife need to tske this tablet in a specific pattern…or series. Or can she pluck any tablet..no sequence needs to b followed. I understand time is the main factorbut bit curious if she needs to follow any sequence of taking it.

  18. womencouncilsa Says:

    Thank you for your question! We are glad to help you.

    First of all, you should know that thin endometrial lining is due to lack of the female hormone: estrogen. Estrogen builds or thickens the lining of the uterus. Ovral-G is the medicine the main ingredient of which is bioactive estrogen. That is why, using this med will help you to build your endometrial lining and, as the result, to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization.
    We wish you to become a happy mother as soon as possible!

    Best regards!

  19. womencouncilsa Says:

    Dear Honey, thank you for your question! We are glad to help you.

    As any other medicine the medicine Ovral-G has to be taken on the instruction. It is forbidden to pluck the tablet, because of the failure of the treatment’s positive expectations.

    Follow this recommendations for this med’s administration.

    A woman should take one pill daily beginning from the fifth day of her cycle. The treatment period is approximately 20-21 days. After that it is necessary to stop for seven and up to eight days. Usually the withdrawal bleeding occurs three days after you stop taking Ovral G. For your second cycle or any other subsequent cycles a patient has to take one pill beginning from the eighth or ninth day of her cycle.

    It is strongly recommended to take the medicine at about the same time every day, preferably after the evening meal or just before bedtime.

    We wish you and your wife to be in good health and mood!

    Best regards!

  20. teena Says:

    Hello madam i’m suffering from irregular menstural cycle since the age of 13 yrs now i’m 32 yrs and i’m married at the age of 23, after a long medical treatment i conceived and having 7yrs kid now but still my problem is going on like that and 2 yrs back i went on D&C,after that laproscopy after having both of them suffered from PCOD prob and had severe stomachache b’coz of right ovarian cyst i went on treatment by my doc suggested lueprolide inj for 6months.

    After 7th month i got periods regularly and on time without any prob for the next 5months and agian my prob repeated in the form of over bleeding my doc suggested me to take overall g pills right now i’m using these pills since 3days inaddition to this i’m a diabetic patient since 1year.

    I’m really vexed with all my prob pl any suggestions from ur side after hearing my long long note.

    Thankyou so much inadvance.

  21. womencouncilsa Says:

    Dear Teena, thank you that you’ve written about your problems point by point! We are glad to help you.

    Your irregular menstrual cycle indicates that you have low level of the hormone estrogen. Your doctor is absolutely right, prescribing you the medicine Ovral-G. This medicine will give your body the required level of the hormone estrogen. As a result, your periods will stabilize and the problem of over bleeding will not bother you any longer!

    Most likely the cause of your irregular cycle and over bleeding is diabetes. Diabetes is a very “tricky” disease that disrupts the delicate hormonal balance of a female body and triggers the development of many diseases of the genital sphere. In addition, there are direct synergies between the early appearance of diabetes and disorders of the menstrual cycle: the earlier was the “debut” of the disease, the more significant health situation in adulthood.

    Therefore, special attention should be paid to your diabetes. Once the blood glucose level returns to the normal level, you forget about the problem of irregular periods and over-bleeding.

    We wish you to have good health and mood.

    Best regards!

  22. teena Says:

    Thankyou so much for your valuable reply thanks alotttttt.

  23. Purvi Says:

    Im 33 old yr, single female. I hv PCOS, overweight & irregular periods problems. Im advised Ovral G for 10 days twice a day after meals to get my periods. my last menses date was 8th Feb’13. 1. will i surely get my periods after medication is over & in how much time. & 2. Is it possible that i get my periods before completing the course. Please advise further.

  24. womencouncilsa Says:

    Dear Purvi, thank you that you’ve written about your problems point by point! We are glad to help you.

    If your consulting physician has chosen such treatment regimen, than there is high probability that you get your periods, when the course of treatment is over (in your case it is in 10 days after you start Ovral-G administration). And yes, you can get your periods before completing the course.

    In any case the renewal term of standard menstrual cycle depends on your body response to the hormones, contained in this preparation. It is these hormones that are responsible for the renewal of a standard menstrual cycle.

    We wish you to have good health and mood.
    Best regards!

  25. Himani Says:

    I am 23 years old and I suffer from dysfunctional uterine bleeding. I am taking Ovral g for the last 6 months but not leaving the pill out of fear of bleeding again.Can you suggest me when my hormones will get back to normal? Please reply.

  26. womencouncilsa Says:

    Thank you for your letter. We are glad to help you.

    You need to be tested to estimate hormones’ levels. Only the test results can determine your daily health status. The drug Ovral-G is not recommended to take such a long time.

    We wish you to have good health and mood!

    Best Regards

  27. Numairaa Says:

    I was taking ovral G
    …. and i had sex after the medicine was over and i took I-Pills 1 tablet will that cause any problem plzz assit m very much worried m not married and m PCOD patients plzz assiat me…

  28. Pinky Says:

    I have take overal g 20 days regularly but i have not got my period late by 12days what is reason behind them i have done unsafe intercouse.

  29. womencouncilsa Says:

    Dear Pinky, thank you for your letter! We are glad to help you.

    If you take Ovral-G as the birth control med, the chances that you are pregnant are miserable. The scientists who are engaged in studies have shown that out of 10 000 women who took Ovral-G, became pregnant, only one.

    Your late periods may be the result of your body’s response to the estrogen and progesterone hormones that are the main ingredients of the preparation Ovral-G. As soon as your body “adapts for” these hormones – your menstrual cycle normalizes.

    We wish you to have good health and mood!

  30. Naveen Says:

    Q1- It’s been 2 years of my marrige But my wife is not conceiving. I stared medical treatment after 1 year of marriege and now we are so frestrated. My wife has been trated by the DR as if she has no problem at all but even after that nothing good happning. Lastly as per one of my relative I sent my wife to be trated in goverment hospital. she suggsted her to take “OVRAL G” and “EVERCARE”. Can any one tell me is it ok the medician my wife is suggested………………………………………….Early responce will be appreciated

  31. womencouncilsa Says:

    Dear Naveen, thank you for your letter! We are glad to help you

    In your case, the combination of the drugs OVRAL-G and EVERCARE is, probably, the only game in town. On the one hand, the drug OVRAL-G will promote successful impregnation; on the other hand, the drug EVERCARE will prepare your wife’s reproductive system to conceiving and healthy pregnancies.

    The hormone progesterone is the active component of the drug OVRAL-G, – is the main female hormone, responsible for successful impregnation. It is often called pregnancy hormone: it prepares lining of the uterus to the fixation of fertilized ovum and helps child bearing.

    Also the drug EVERCARE is 100% natural product, rich in phyto-estrogens. The primary targets of the phyto-estrogens are:

    - the hormonal levels’ normalization,

    - menstrual cycle’s regulation,

    - nourishing of the female reproductive organs.

    In addition, the herbs that are part of the drug EVERCARE, have stress-reducing action that guards a woman from the harmful effects of stress and increases stamina and overall performance.

    Thus, the combination of the drugs OVRAL-G and EVERCARE will prepare your wife’s body for conceiving and will have a stimulating effect to ovum fertilization.

    We wish you and your wife to become happy parents as soon as possible!

  32. Naveen Says:

    Thank you womencouncilsa for your quick responce!!!!

    There are few changes happening by having OVRAL-G….
    My wife’s monthly menstrual cycle has finished before 7 days but today again, after making relation, she is bleeding. We don’t know the reseaon but as per her, periods have again started. I asked not to take those medicians (OVRAL-G and EVERCARE) and it has already been stopped. kindly advise why it is happning and when will it stop. What are the pros and crons of it..
    Please sugguest again
    Thanking you in advance

  33. womencouncilsa Says:

    Dear Naveen, thank you for your letter. We are glad to help you

    Please, probe about is the menstrual cycle finished after withdrawal immediately? And, if your wife takes drugs (OVRAL-G and EVERCARE) now?

  34. N.K Says:

    Hello Sir,i am facing bleeding problem since 3 months.my ultrasound and MRI reports are showing av mole blood vessels on uterus.first my doctors prescribe embulization treatment and after they suggest Ovaral-G for 20 days.i wanna know that will this tblt solve my problem…????????

  35. womencouncilsa Says:

    Dear N.K, thank you for your question! We are glad to help you.

    In order to remove the negative consequences of mole blood vessels on uterus, your body should break into a new cycle.

    Embulization treatment has negated mole blood vessels on uterus,. However, in order your uterus and ovaries are filled in, it is necessary “to give them a help”. The drug Ovaral-G will help your body to regulate the menstrual cycle, as well as promote a healthy development of menstruation.

    We wish you to have good health and mood!

  36. Swati Says:

    Hello Sir,
    I was diagnosed of having a simple cyst measuring 4.6*2.9 in my right ovary and
    Was prescribed to take overal G tablet once a day for 3 months. Wanted to know does
    This medicine cause weight gain as I am already overweight secondly I am facing lot of constipation problem so is it normal….. Can a laxative be taken with it???

  37. womencouncilsa Says:

    The main active substances of the medication Oval-G are hormones progestin and ethinyl estradiol. A number of clinical trials, which had been conducted in the drug’s developmental stage, proved that neither the hormone progestin, nor the hormone ethinyl estradiol (female estrogen) can provoke weight gain.

    Moreover, one of the additional benefits of Ovral-G is its ability to regulate fats, proteins, carbohydrates and electrolytes intake, as well as to promote their uptake. Thus, Ovral-G does not provoke weight gain and helps action of the bowels. There are no contraindications to the laxatives with Ovral-G. However, when choosing a laxative it is recommended to give preference to the laxatives, which stimulate intestinal peristalsis.

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