Betnovate-C Cream

Betnovate-C Cream – the effective preparation for treating fungal and/or secondary bacterial infection

Betnovate-C Cream is anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antipruritic remedy for outward application

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Betnovate-C Cream. Formula

Betnovate-C Cream is a skin preparation, which contains betamethasone 0.1% and clioquinol 3%. It is a straw-colored, water-miscible, paraffin-based ointment.

Betnovate-C Cream. What diseases does the preparation treat?

This preparation is put on to prevent and treat fungal and/or secondary bacterial infection:

-    Anal and genital intertrigo.
-    Contact sensitivity reactions.
-    Eczema including atopic, discoid and infantile eczemas.
-    Insect bite reactions.
-    Neuro-dermatoses, which include lichen planus and lichen simplex.
-    Otitis externa.
-    Prickly heat.
-    Prurigo nodularis.
-    Psoriasis (excluding the kind which is called widespread plaque psoriasis).
-    Seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Betnovate-C Cream. How to take?

A minute quantity of Cream should be laid on the affected area twice or three times every day until a patient feels significant improvements. Then to control the improvement use the preparation once per day or even less often.

Before applying Cream, dab the affected area with the help of the wet sanitary wipe.

In the case, if you suffer from the thickened plaques of psoriasis on the elbows and knees, the effect of the treatment can be enhanced, by occluding the area of treatment with polythene film.

Usually overnight occlusion is adequate to bring about a satisfactory effect in such lesions, thereafter, as a rule, the improvement occurs by constant application without occlusion.

Betnovate-C Cream . What are the contraindications for applying the preparation?

a) Acne vulgaris.
b) Hypersensitivity to any preparation’s component or to iodine.
c) Perianal or genital pruritus.
d) Oral dermatitis.
e) Primary cutaneous viral infections (for example, herpes simplex, chickenpox).
f) Rosacea.

Use of this preparation is not put on to treat skin lesions of primary infection, which have been caused by bacterial or fungal infections; primary or secondary infections due to yeast; dermatosis in children under one year of age, including dermatitis and eruptions.
The use of the product in the eyes is contraindicated.

Betnovate-C Cream. Special Warnings and Precautions

Long-term topical therapy has to be avoided in those cases when it is possible, particularly in children, especially infants, as adrenal suppression may occur even without any occlusion. Systemic absorption and hypothalamic-pituitary axis suppression may occur.

Use for longer than 4 weeks can cause atrophic striae, prolonged use on sentinel piles and in intertriginous areas is undesirable.

The face, more than other areas of s body, can exhibit the atrophic changes after continuous treatment with potent topical corticosteroids. This must be kept in mind during the treatment period of such states as discoid lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, and severe eczema.

If Betnovate-C Cream is laid on the skin around the eyelids, you have to care that the preparation does not fall in the eye, because it may cause glaucoma.

If you use the preparation to treat psoriasis, be very careful while using the product.

This cream may stain any surface: hair, fabric or skin, and the application should be covered with any dressing to protect clothing.

The patients should not use any products containing antimicrobial agents, while using Betnovate-C Cream

The cream is not expected to have any harmful effect on ability to drive a car and use any other kinds of machines.

Betnovate-C Cream. Overdose

Acute overdosing is very unlikely to occur, however, if there is overdose or misuse, the features of hypercortisolism may appear and the treatment has to be discontinued under medical supervision because of the great risk of the adrenal insufficiency’s development.

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12 Responses to “Betnovate-C Cream”

  1. msbhash Says:

    yes< betnovate -c has been working escellently for many skin infections-seconadry as well as primary.
    I have used it for some time and its effectiveness in fungal and bacterial infections was highly satisfactory
    ms bhash

  2. york Says:

    betnovate shipping to uk? london

  3. york Says:

    and i want a coupon for betnovate cream.thanks

  4. womencouncilsa Says:

    Good Day dear York!

    We provide shipping in UK. We have already had the successful work with UK.

    You can enjoy 10% discount coupons. Discount coupon is “discount10″ .

    Respectfully, The Customer Support Team.

  5. Paul Says:

    Recently we noticed strange red freckles on the face of our poppet. She was itching face noon and night. Our pediatrician advised Betnovate-C Cream. As early as on the second night my daughter fell on sleep peacefully, and we got a rest. Itchiness did not discomfort her any more.

  6. reshma baraily Says:

    as i have pimple face with fair skin tone, im using BETNOVATE-C cream and it is working too. but sometime when i forgot to apply it for 2 to 3 days again i have to suffer pimple.

    what is the main problem ??

  7. reshma baraily Says:

    please give me solution for it :(

  8. womencouncilsa Says:

    Thank you for your letter. We are glad to help you.
    As you say, you use BETNOVATE-C cream and it works. In order to have progressive improvements you have to follow the patient information leaflet step by step.

    Betnovate-C Cream has to be laid on the affected area of the skin. The Cream should be laid on 2-3 times a day. The course of treatment is up to 3 weeks. In the case of the long-term treatment the preparation is used less often – every other day. In some cases (in your case it is pimple face with fair skin tone), the treatment should be continued for some time after the symptoms’ disappearance to avoid the backset of the disease.

    We wish you to have good health and mood!
    Best Regards

  9. Clementina Says:

    This Cream I bought at the chemist. I bought this product of despair. Eczema on the hands grinded down me! My surprise was overwhelming when, I saw the results after the first application! Rashes on the hands began to dry out and itch, which was horribly torturing me for several months, disappeared. You will not believe, but my hands were as neat as a new pin in few days, despite the fact that arms were affected by eczema up to the elbows! It’s a miracle cream!

  10. Margot Says:

    Our pediatrician put on this preparation. When my child was one and a half year old, I hit upon the poor quality diapers, in homely phrase, I bought the damaged goods. My son got redness in the groin area, which then turned into a terrible irritation. After two days of treatment by dint of “therapies”, we ran to the doctor as I could not look at child without tears.
    Our pediatrician said that this redness because of poor quality diapers and advised us Betnovate-C Cream. The doctor said that this Cream should be applied carefully and once a day only. The first night I applied a minute quantity of cream to the affected skin of my baby. The redness markedly diminished by morning, and I breathed a sigh of relief. In 4 days redness was gone completely. Thanks Betnovate-C Cream. And I do not buy that brand of diapers any longer.

  11. lakshmi Says:

    Hi m very dark ,can I use betnovate c,plz suggest me….

    can u plz tel me the price?

  12. womencouncilsa Says:

    hank you for your question. We are glad to help you!

    There are no any contradictions for use Betnovate Skin Cream for people with dark (very dark) skin. Don’t be nervous about this!

    The price of Betnovate Skin Cream is
    The price of Betnovate Skin Cream

    $7,95 per 1 tube, if you buy 4 tubes in one piece,

    $9,95 per 1 tube , if you buy 3 tubes in one piece,

    $11,95 per 1 tube , if you buy 2 tubes in one piece.

    We also want to inform you that we have developed a special offer for our customers: there are 10% discounts for total output. Enter the word “andy” in the field “Redeem coupon code” and get 10% discount on Betnovate Skin Cream.

    We wish you to have good health and mood!

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